Getting to Zermatt by car

If you already live in Switzerland or you have hired a car from the Airport, you should head towards the small city of Visp. Driving time from Geneva, Basel or Zurich is around 2.5 to 3.5 hours using the motorways.

If you are crossing the Swiss border by car, you must purchase a Vignette sticker in order to use all Swiss motorways and dual carriageways. A Vignette costs CHF 40.00 and is available to buy at border crossings, petrol stations & the Post Office. The sticker is displayed on the windscreen of your car.

Kandersteg-Lötschberg car train

If you are coming from west of Bern, drive to Bern then continue in the direction of Thun and Kandersteg to take the car-train to Lötschberg. Drive directly onto the train and remain in your car for the 10 minute trip though the Lötschberg Tunnel arriving at Goppenstein, Canton Wallis. The journey costs between CHF 26.00 and CHF 29.00 for a standard sized vehicle.

See here for further information:

Once you have come through the tunnel, head towards Visp.

The scenic route

If you prefer the scenic route, take the motorway and head in the direction of Bern, Fribourg, Martigny, Sion and then onto Visp. The journey is only around 45 minutes longer (and 100km further) than the car-train but will give you a chance to take in the panoramic views of Lake Geneva at Montreux and also enjoy the stunning landscape and scenic vineyards in the well known wine region of Canton Valais.

From Visp to Zermatt by car

A few kilometers from Visp, you should exit the motorway and head towards the town centre of Visp. Once you reach Visp, follow the signs for Täsch and Zermatt. The journey from Visp to Täsch takes around 35 minutes.

As you arrive into the small village of Täsch you will see advertising for private car parks situated on the left hand side of the road. The main car park, Matterhorn Terminal Parking – is situated on the right hand side. This car park is linked directly the train station & the Zermatt Shuttle. If you are not rushing for a specific train, the smaller car parks can provide a more economic alternative.

Please remember…

Without Police authorisation, it is not possible to drive on the road that links Täsch to Zermatt. Do not accidentally follow other cars taking this road – they will have the correct permissions. The Police are very strict on controlling the road between Täsch and Zermatt and will issue a heavy fine. Your GPS navigation may show you the road, but may not necessarily alert you to the information above.

Shuttle train from Täsch to Zermatt:

The Zermatt Shuttle train leaves regularly from Täsch. The most convenient option is to park at the Matterhorn Terminal Parking that connects directly to the train station and ticket office. The train takes around 15 minutes to arrive in the centre of Zermatt.


Taxi to Zermatt: 

If you have a lot of luggage it may be less stressful to avoid the train and instead use one of the private parking places like Parking Schaller, Taxi Fredy or Taxi Christoph. These companies also offer taxi transfers to take you up to Zermatt. The drop-off point is at the edge of Zermatt, around 200 meters from the train station.

Many of the hotels provide their own free transfer service to collect you from the taxi drop-off point to bring you directly to your hotel. Check with your hotel reception before you travel to ensure the smoothest journey to your accommodation.

If your hotel does not provide a free transfer, you can easily arrange with the same taxi company for an additional electro-taxi transfer to your accommodation when they drop you off in Zermatt.

The cost of parking offered by these companies is often cheaper than you will find at the Matterhorn Terminal Parking – especially if you choose to park outside rather than inside. N.B: Prior reservation may be necessary during high season.

The cost for the taxi to Zermatt is around CHF10.00 per person, roughly the same as the train.

Map Zürich – Täsch through Lötschberg via Autoverlad

From Zurich to Täsch by car

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